Sparkling Stainless

My husband is so awesome.  For our second Christmas together he bought me a beautiful set of stainless steel cookware because he knew how much I loved to cook and how fancy I would feel with such a set.  Unfortunately, our apartment had an electric stove (grrrrr) and it was difficult to control the heat levels thus making my cookware get stuff stuck to it… and stuck to it… and stuck to it.

No matter what I tried, I could not clean them and slowly but surely, I stopped using them.  Even when we bought out first home, I didn’t use them as much because you know what they say “Beautiful cookware makes beautiful food”.  Ok… I just made that up, but whatever.  I didn’t want to look at them.

Once I started my Crunchy journey, I learned really quickly that my easy to clean non-stick cookware was not without it’s dangers.

For some reading you can check out these:


Eat Be Live

The price I was paying for convenience was an increased risk of cancer and toxic chemicals being emitted into the food I was feeding my family.  BUT… my pans were so UGLY!!!!  So I set out to get them clean somehow.

I tried a lot of stuff, including nasty chemicals (ummmm… why was I trying to get rid of chemicals in my cookware by using chemicals to clean it?  Not sure) but they did not work.  I was sad and angry.  Then my awesome husband sent me to the store to get him some stuff to clean our outdoor grill.  I perused the cleaning aisle and found some things that I thought would be great.  I brought them home and he went to work.  Our grill came out so beautifully, I decided to try the combo out on my stainless cookware.  It couldn’t make it any worse, right?

Here is what I used:

Bar Keepers

So unassuming… Could it really work?  OH YES IT DOES!!!

This is my proof that these two things plus 3-5 minutes of elbo grease did THIS

Stainless Collage

I am still amazed just looking at it.

Now Bar Keepers Friend is acutally a cleaner made from one organic compound: Oxalic Acid.  Now, I know that reducing chemicals is a worthy goal, but this compound is actually found in spinach and other dark leafy greens so on the scale of danger, I would rather use this than bleach.

So now I can use my stainless cookware with abandon knowing that I can get them spotless again in no time.  I am tempted to run to my local thrift store right this minute and see what pans some poor person gave away being unaware of this miracle claning combo.  Try it and let me know how it works for you!


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