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Today I had an appointment with a group of bloggers for 2pm.  It was raining all morning and I knew that I was going to have to park far away from the meet up location so I wasn’t looking forward to walking in the rain with a baby on my back to get there.  I got in the car anyway though because I was interested in seeing what other bloggers do and there were going to be good people and goody bags.  As I was driving down to Historic 25th Street in Ogden, the clouds parted and the sun poured its warming rays over the Downtown area.  I was thanking God that he decided to change the weather for me.  I just love unexpected rays of sunshine and that is exactly what I got.  Another little ray of sunshine came in the form of Mikaela over at Mama Mouse Says and Indie Ogden.  She is the kind of unassuming person whose kindness and wicked sense of humor sneaks up on you in the best possible way.  Mikaela set up this meeting of the bloggers and did a ton of work making it wonderful and it really was.

We met up at the amazing Grounds For Coffee and I had an Iced Chai Tea that was delightful.  The baker there made these amazing donuts that were so delicious I am ashamed to say how many I had… so I won’t. 🙂  My favorite was the Andes Chocolate Mint donut.  Dangerous!!  We sat around and chatted a bit and perused our gift bags full of goodies.  In addition to blogger business cards and Indie Ogden swag there were some samples from Green the World and Beehive Cheese that I adored!  It was so neat to see so many people in one place that are passionate about sharing things with others through blogging.  It seemed as though there were so many different people there, from different backgrounds and in different stages of their lives but all with something in common.  Kinda cool.  I felt as I usually do in groups, painfully awkward and held back, but I tried not to let that hinder my experience.  I think I was able to use my baby as an ice breaker for the whole event.  “Wow that wrap is neat!  How do you get him back there?”.  Works every time.

For the last half of the event we did a walking tour of Historic 25th Street and all of its nooks and crannys.  While we sometimes strayed from the group, busy admiring trinkets and things we couldn’t afford, we were able to see some of the real gems of Downtown.  Here are a few of the stores we went to:

Crowley Gallery– The basement is totally haunted.  The paintings are gorgeous though and kept me from feeling creeped out.

Sweet Pop’n Cafe- This adorable Popcorn cafe gave us some samples in our goodie bags.

Olive & Dhalia- I have had a soft spot in my heart for this store since the first time I went in more than 5 years ago.  It is a wonderland really.  Every wall is covered floor to ceiling with art, florals and garden accents.  The best part is the secret garden in the back.  So beautiful and unexpected.

My two favorites though were The Queen Bee and Endless Indulgence

The Queen Bee was a funky little store connected to The Great Harvest Bread Co. This fact made it almost impossible to look around without thinking, “Bread, bread, freshly baked bread” in some kind of a frantic chant, but I held it together.  I did just have __ donuts, after all.  This store had tons of things to look at and many that I found surprising.  A DVD of An Affair to remember caught my eye first and then a newer copy of Crime and Punishment.  They had books, bracelets, honeys and amazing chocolates!!  As good as they looked, I didn’t have any of those either.  Everyone should check this place out and get a sample of the delicious honeys near the register.

Endless Indulgence was awesome!  The door is apparently a time machine and you get transported back to the 40’s and 50’s.  There are gorgeous dresses much girlier than I ever thought that I would like.  Retro swimwear and lingerie, hats for Cool Kats and even a real straight razor Barber in the back; is there any more amazing place on 25th street?  Its debatable.  When I used to be addicted to swing dancing when I was about 19-21 I would criss-cross Southern California hitting every popular swing hotspot, rolling my hair and wearing my vintage attire.  I got lessons from some of the most amazing dancers and loved every minute of it.  This store brought me back to those days in a big way and I was in awe.  Who knew that era would still be popular now that I am an old hag?  Not me I say, but I am glad that it is because its awesome 🙂


I had a really great time at this meetup and it was fun to see Ogden in a new light.  I look forward to reading more from the other ladies that were there.  If you want to check out some of their blogs you can see a list of bloggers and amazing sponsors and read the Indie Ogden article about this meet up here at Indie Ogden Blogger Meetup


8 thoughts on “Utah Blogger Meetup

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  2. Ahhh…vintage 40s. I have a dress from the 40s with birds crewel embroidered on the front that I bought years ago for a party Matt and I attended. He hates the dress, but I can’t bear to part with it.

  3. Aww. Jillian, you’re not awkward. But, as always, BWing to the rescue! It’s good for everything. And, yes, that wrap IS gorgeous. I love it. (But, you already know that because I’ve told you like, 10 times. Lol.)

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