Nancy’s yogurt challenge #2

I was asked to take part in a yogurt challenge!! Go see what I made over at my friend Mama Mouse’s blog and while you are there, check out her plethora of delectable recipes!!

Mama Mouse Says

Welcome to part 2 of the Nancy’s yogurt challenge! Today we have my friend and fellow blogger Jillian  of  ‘The quest of Crunchy Curious‘ and Pretty paisley designs. Read more about the challenge and check out part 1 HERE
BeFunky_yogurt challenge (1).jpg

When I was asked to be part of this challenge I jumped at the chance!!  My blog is all about learning to live more naturally and sometimes I get a little freaked out by all the stuff I learn, but yogurt?  I can handle yogurt!  Luckily Nancy’s Yogurt was incredibly tasty and way more natural than the other stuff I have bought with fervor thinking it was super healthy for me (cough-yoplait-cough).  So I let my mind run for a bit and I got to thinking.  What weighed heavily on my mind was the weather.

Here in Utah the weather is so strange sometimes.  You can have…

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